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Jenny Walker - Graduate Marketing Executive

What made you choose Rolton Group?

I originally joined Rolton Group as a placement student in 2015; the variety of the role was what interested me as I didn’t know what area of marketing I wanted to specialise in. Based on the job description and the chat that I had with Chairman, Peter Rolton when I came for my interview, I was reassured that I would not be pigeonholed into a specific area and I would gain a lot of experience in different aspects of marketing.

What was your interview and selection process with Rolton Group like?

When I joined Rolton Group as a placement student I had one interview with Peter and my line manager at the time. Before the interview I was asked to complete a small task which was discussed at my interview, to see what I knew about the industry and we also discussed my CV and previous experience.

When I returned after I completed my degree, I met with Deputy Managing Director, Chris Evans and Business Development Executive, Jenny Baker and had a chat with them about what I wanted to do when I returned and how I could help after completing my degree. Both interviews were really relaxed and more like a chat rather than the more formal interviews I have experienced at other organisations.

Can you give any examples of projects you have been working on?

My projects are not the traditional type of project that the engineers work on, however they are still exciting! Whilst I was on placement, I was involved in organising the launch event at the House of Commons for Rolton Kilbride. Since I’ve been back I have been involved in organising a number of other hospitality events, redesigning the company newsletter as well as standardising the company templates.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Definitely the variety and experiences I have had, especially the digital side and the event organisation. However, as the department is quite small, I get involved with most of the responsibilities the marketing department has, which is great as it has allowed me to develop my skills and continue learning.

Has the company lived up to your initial expectations?

Yes, the opportunities that have been presented to me during my time with Rolton Group have been fantastic - I never thought I would be organising an event to take place at the House of Commons!

What training and mentoring have you been offered/undertaken with Rolton Group and how have they supported you?

Rolton Group are so supportive with everyone who wants to gain further qualifications or skills. I have been lucky enough to be able to do a Master’s degree (part time with day release) whilst continuing to work full time. I have also been supported by my line manager as well as an independent external mentor to ensure I am on the right track. During the past year especially a companywide training and development programme has also been implemented and I have been on a couple of modules to help develop my skills even further.

What are you career aspirations?

I really enjoy digital marketing and would like to specialise in that area. As technology and the online aspect of marketing become imperative to remain relevant, it can really make the difference between a business’ success and failure.

How is Rolton Group helping you to achieve these goals?

Since re-joining Rolton Group I have been gaining more responsibility, especially with the online aspect of the role. I am also completing my Master’s degree in Strategic and Digital Marketing, which is allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of what is required for a company to be successful especially in terms of their online brand image.

How would you describe the working culture in your office?

Very friendly – we all get along and are able to have a laugh together. Everyone is really kind as well, so if you are ever stuck or have any questions, there is always someone who is happy to help.