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Flagship Haribo Production Facility, Pontefract

When developing their plans for a new flagship production facility in Pontefract, Haribo UK contacted the Rolton Group directly on the strength of a recommendation offered by one of our long-term manufacturing partners, who could attest to the exceptional quality of our services.

We were subsequently appointed to provide project management, clerk of works, and employer’s agent services in the development and construction of the new plant, which includes a 30,700m2 three-storey manufacturing unit and four-storey office facility.

Construction is now gathering speed, and the building is set to open for business in April 2015. To give some indication of the scale of the project, the facility will ultimately produce almost 50,000 tonnes of sweets per annum, providing Britain with a new and sizeable connection to the world-famous confectionary.

The photograph above shows construction progress in June 2014.