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CTF Smart Grid Report Launch

On Friday 25th July, Rolton Group was pleased to host the launch of the latest Conservative Technology Forum report on the Smart Grid, which was formally presented at the event by Dan Byles MP to Baroness Sandip Verma, Minister at the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The message of the day was clear: implementation of a smart grid fundamentally represents an exciting opportunity for consumers to regain control over their power consumption, providing the intelligence the UK needs in order to jump-start a truly responsive, flexible and modern energy landscape. In addition, it opens up the possibility for

Baroness Verma made clear that this is not just about one technology, either, but a new era in which clean resources can be properly harnessed and integrated in the same way as their fossil fuel counterparts. Rolton Group is a firm advocate of this attitude, and both Dan Byles MP and Baroness Verma publicly commended the company for the work we are already doing in this area, highlighting a number of our completed and on-going projects that contribute to the Government’s vision of creating a ‘Big 60,000’ through distributed power schemes, top-to-bottom energy strategies and on-site energy generation.

Active monitoring of energy consumption, from an individual to a national and even international scale, will have a significant impact on the way in which we conceptualise power, and this report from the Conservative Technology Forum signifies an important milestone on the journey to achieving an overall reduction in cost and usage through the dialogue between consumer and technology.

Chairman Peter Rolton said of the event: ‘We welcome with open arms this political initiative presented by the Conservative Technology Forum, which sets out to make the National Grid fit for purpose as part of Britain’s transition to a low carbon economy. It plays a crucial role in jump-starting a modern and intelligent approach to energy distribution.’

All photos from the launch can be found on our Facebook page.