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Video Conferencing Technology

Video conferencing technology enables individuals from around the world to work together on digital platforms regardless of their physical location, a feat that would have been unthinkable mere decades ago.

This ability to connect worldwide on a moment’s notice has become a vital part of running a successful 21st century business and Rolton Group has been utilising video conferencing programmes and equipment since the mid-2000s.

Our professionals can communicate with peers on a global level without leaving the board room, and recently we have even been conducting initial interviews for graduate positions with internationally-based candidates using the technology. The integrated Polycom conferencing system that connects all of our offices allows them to dial-in to central meetings, saving Rolton staff from unnecessary travel time, and programmes such as Skype and WebEx have democratised the system even further as they require no investment in installation or paid subscription.

On a larger scale, we are on occasion able to avoid lengthy air travel and participate in global meetings without leaving the board room; most recently, Chairman Peter Rolton held a 2am meeting alongside the board of Directors of a major Korean engineering company with whom we are currently working, speaking directly to their office over 5,500 miles away from our Higham Ferrers HQ. This meeting would otherwise have necessitated days spent out of the office, long flights (that come with considerable carbon footprints) and lost hours.

Video conferencing technology continues to be an invaluable tool that improves company efficiency, and its solid carbon cutting credentials indicate that it will gain even greater precedence in years to come.

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