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Investors in People Review

At Rolton Group, we believe our greatest asset is our people.

Our reputation is built on our ability to overcome challenges and exceed aspirations, and the quality of service we are able to provide depends on our professionals’ skill and commitment to creating intelligent, efficient, and economical solutions for clients.

In every consecutive year since 2000 we have been accredited as Investors in People, an independent award that we apply for to ensure we continue to fully support our staff and encourage their consistent professional development. We recently hosted our triennial review and are delighted to have received the results, which congratulate Rolton Group on creating such a positive working environment for our professionals and offer full accreditation once more as Investors in People.

The assessor stated that our greatest single achievement in the last three years has been that ‘Rolton Group has ridden the recession and has emerged as a far stronger organisation’, something we have worked hard to achieve and are proud to be recognised for. The full report goes on to commend us on a number of other attributes, a selection of which are listed below:

"Rolton Group has a loyal, professional, highly educated and motivated, skilled, and hard-working workforce"
"The environment in Rolton Group was described as one where people feel they are treated equally and where everyone plays an essential part"
"Engaging people and them taking ownership is key to the success in Rolton Group achieving its strategic objectives and themed goals"
"A significant amount of learning and development is carried out through job coaching and shadowing, and there is a culture of coaching and mentoring"
"People assist each other and support each other during the working day; people work together in teams"
"[People] felt encouraged to take on additional roles and responsibility to stretch themselves and they are supported and provided with time to develop; they comment on being involved, engaged, and empowered to make decisions and to take responsibility within their job and the contract they are working on
"People articulated how encouraging decision making and providing support in the decision making process is a strength within Rolton Group"
"People have a positive sense that they are doing a good job and that their efforts in supporting Rolton Group and clients and in working in line with company aims, purpose and ethos are both valued and appreciated"
"Senior Managers, driven from the top of Rolton Group, have a positive attitude towards continuous improvement and they open the company up to external scrutiny such as Investors in People, ISO 9001, CITB, and client visits/audits"
"People commented on Rolton Group being a demanding place to work but an enjoyable place to work with job satisfaction. They believe Rolton Group is a good place to work"

We would like to thank Rolton Group staff for continuing to demonstrate the ethos and values that set us apart in the industry, and to congratulate them for contributing to our thriving professional environment.