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Haribo’s Flagship Facility, Pontefract

We are delighted to announce that Haribo’s flagship production facility in Pontefract, for which Rolton Group has provided employer’s agent, project manager, and clerk of works services, reached practical completion on 1st June.

This means that Haribo can now occupy the space and begin to set up the production lines that, when fully operational, will produce almost 50,000 tonnes of sweets per annum. The client is also installing resin floors in the facility, with a view to starting preliminary production in August of this year.

When appointing the project, Haribo UK contacted Rolton Group directly on the strength of a recommendation offered by one of our long-term manufacturing partners, who could attest to the exceptional quality of our services; as a company rooted in successful working relationships, we take the opinions of our clients very seriously, and greatly value this appraisal.

Managing Director Allan Rose, who has been closely involved in the scheme, said the following of this project milestone:

“It is fantastic to see this key stage of the development being achieved for Haribo, marking the start of a period of intense activity for them to install their specialist production equipment, all of which is being undertaken by themselves. We are proud to have been involved so far in this prestigious project for Rolton Group and strategically important development for Haribo.”