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Open Doors 2015

We always welcome the opportunity to raise awareness about the variety of career opportunities available within the engineering profession and to shed some light on what they entail, so this week Rolton Group opened its doors to pupils from a number of schools as part of the Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership’s Bright Futures campaign.

The visiting students were given presentations by graduates from each of our in-house disciplines, who described their own educational backgrounds and went on to explain the activities of their working day before offering advice for aspiring engineers and taking questions from the floor.

The event, named Open Doors, has been organised to offer local pupils an idea of what the working world within a number of industries is like. We hope to have demonstrated that a career in engineering is a varied and rewarding choice for ambitious and talented young people, and would direct anyone looking for further information to our graduate profiles.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of the attendees for their interest and for asking such engaging questions of our graduates! Thanks also to Kerry Senatore of the NEP for inviting Rolton Group to be a part of this important campaign, we look forward to participating in other events in the future. Below is an image taken of our graduates and sixth form pupils from the local Wrenn School: