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Business Green: Electric Vehicles Feature

Our Chairman Peter Rolton has been featured recently with Business Green, in an opinion piece exploring the rising popularity of electric vehicles and just how widespread the energy challenges associated with them are.

It’s only a matter of time before electric vehicles become a great deal more common on UK roads - the passenger vehicle fleet in the UK accounts for 69% of all vehicles on UK roads and by 2050, it’s predicted that this market will be saturated with electric vehicles – a huge impact with big implications for our ageing National Grid. The energy demands currently met by burning huge quantities of petrol and diesel will instead in the future be taken as electricity from the grid; a colossal change in capacity and load profile demands.

In this article, Peter discusses the vast scale of this technological advancement and how the increasing popularity of electric vehicles in the UK will affect not only the automotive industry, but a wide variety of businesses across all industry sectors.

To find out more, read Peter’s full article with Business Green : Electric vehicles - the time for energy transformation is now.