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Investment in talented young professionals

Supporting the next generation of engineers is something that has always been high on Rolton Group’s agenda and when the opportunity arises to help talented young professionals progress in their careers, we are always pleased to aid them in any way we can. As such, we’re delighted to announce that Senior Renewables Engineer, Ewan Cross, has officially achieved Chartered Engineer (CEng) status.

The prestigious accolade of Chartered Engineer was credited to Ewan by the Energy Institute – a wholly energy focused professional body that also awarded him Membership of the Energy Institute (MEI).

Rolton Group’s directors, line managers and mentors encourage all members of the various teams to continually progress their careers. The chartership route is a path of progression taken by many at Rolton Group, as aligning with a professional body relevant to their career and interests can offer opportunities for further study, to meet like-minded individuals and to explore relevant new subjects and ideas. This helps to keep professionals of all disciplines at peak performance while helping them gain a balanced understanding of the industry as a whole. Continued professional development (CPD) is a key element of becoming a chartered member of a professional institution, fostering an ongoing desire to keep growing whilst staying up-to-date with industry developments.

Since joining Rolton Group in 2014 as a Renewables Engineer, Ewan has grown from strength to strength, carrying out works for some of the world’s most well-known brands. Through the development programme Rolton Group has in place, and the mentoring from both internal senior management and external consultants, Rolton Group actively encourages its employees to further their qualifications and attend relevant workshops/seminars to increase their knowledge.

Ewan’s chartered member status comes just months after being promoted to the position of Senior Renewables Engineer, which involves taking a greater leadership role within the energy team at Rolton Group, increasing his responsibility for the delivery of projects. In addition, he will be more heavily involved in developing and maintaining relationships with both existing and new clients.

Rightfully delighted with the outcome, Ewan said:

“I have always been focussed on working towards chartered member status and it’s really satisfying to achieve professional recognition in my field while continually learning more about the industry and being exposed to new subjects and ideas that you perhaps wouldn’t see in normal daily duties.

“The CPD events that the Energy Institute offer are really insightful. They help with staying aware of the ‘big picture’ by communicating with and hearing the differing viewpoints of other industry professionals. I have found that chartered membership is a great way to receive industry-wide, accredited recognition of technical skill and management capability (for people, projects, clients, etc.). I’ve completed various courses over the years, but nothing as significant or recognisable within my industry as this.”

With a range of people at various stages of their careers, Rolton Group is currently supporting apprentices, undergraduate, graduates and postgraduates to develop their skills and provide them with the experience necessary to achieve further qualifications on route to their personal goals, which could include chartership. In addition to our teams mentoring the various individuals, Rolton Group also provides access to an external independent development consultant who helps develop both management and the wider business skills for individuals, to ensure that daily working life closely supports their professional aspirations.

Chairman, Peter Rolton, said:

“It’s an absolute joy seeing members of our team like Ewan achieving such fantastic milestones during their career with Rolton Group. Reaching chartered status is something to be truly proud of – a great accomplishment and testament to Ewan’s dedication, excellent technical skills and growing leadership capabilities.”

Well done Ewan!