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Celebrating INWED and 100 years of WES

This week we are celebrating International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) and 100 years of the Women’s Engineering Society (WES).

Last year, we dispelled some of the myths surrounding women in engineering and to mark the occasion this year, we will be sharing updates throughout the week to help raise the profile of women in engineering, giving insights into what it is like to be an engineer at Rolton Group.

Officially held on the 23rd June, INWED is particularly special this year as WES, the founders of INWED, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The vision of WES is to create a society in which women are just as likely as men to pursue a career in engineering and one in which there are enough engineers to meet the ever-growing demands of industry.

As Rolton Group Chairman, Peter Rolton explains below, this is an ethos that Rolton Group supports:

“With the political uncertainty the UK is currently facing, we are acutely aware of the current demand for qualified engineers in the construction industry at this present time. Having a diverse team is important to us at Rolton Group; we do not pay attention to age, gender or race, we discriminate on talent and talent alone. We are committed to helping the right individuals progress their careers in engineering and fulfil their professional ambitions. Every Rolton Group employee benefits from our training and development programme, ensuring that everyone across the business can continually develop professionally.”

The theme for this year’s INWED is ‘Transforming the Future’ and this goes far beyond the projects that we are working on across different sectors that will shape the built environment for many years to come. Creating a diverse workforce and highlighting engineering as a career option for all is key; educating younger people so they understand the skills that are required to become a well-respected and competent engineer and what engineers really do in a day is a responsibility that Rolton Group are actively pursuing through direct engagement with several local schools and colleges. As well as combating the stereotypes surrounding engineering, we have been discussing the exciting projects our engineers have worked on and the opportunities the construction industry as a whole has to offer.

Keep an eye out on the Rolton Group social media pages throughout this week for updates from our team in celebration of women in engineering and exploring what it is like to be an engineer at Rolton Group.