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Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day!

Over here at Rolton Group, we are celebrating “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” in which schools and individuals are encouraged to engage and introduce girls to pursue their dreams and begin their journey in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

We decided to speak to some of the women engineers at Rolton to find out what inspired them to pursue a career in engineering, how their journey has evolved, and whether they faced any stigma as a woman entering into the industry.

Grace Wright, a Structural Engineer who joined Rolton in June 2016, said:

‘I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to become a Structural Engineer and achieving this has been a great life decision, I can work with my team to create a vision or concept from a client or architect into a reality. I enjoy the variety that comes with the job role, each day I could be working on a different task, site meetings at the new primary school being developed in Cambridgeshire or designing a steel frame for an office block in the local area.

I have been extremely fortunate with the support Rolton have given me, they supported me from Bachelors to Master’s and will continue to support me as I progress onto becoming a Chartered Engineer. I do believe that there is still stigma in the industry on the ratio of female to male engineers however, this is evolving with female engineer numbers rising, so I encourage all girls to consider a career in engineering.’

Chloe Bennett, a Geo-technical Engineer who joined Rolton in June 2017, commented:

‘The wonderful world of maths and Science sparked my initial interest in engineering which lead to me undergoing a Geology Degree. Geo Engineering perfectly coupled my love for the outdoors with my passion for maths and problem solving. My course was almost 50:50 male to female ratio so I have, fortunately, never faced any stigma relating to women in engineering.

Rolton Group have supported me tremendously through enabling me to attend extra training where and when required and have supported me to network and share stories and
experiences. Having a senior female engineer in the Geo team was also really beneficial as I have a role model to aspire towards and ask any female specific questions that I would have otherwise felt uncomfortable asking. This industry is not just for boys!’

Finally, Jemma Clerkin, a Graduate Electrical Engineer who joined Rolton in July 2017, said:

My journey into engineering started with my interest in renewable energy and its positive impact on the environment and how it can help to reduce our carbon footprints. This further led to studying a building services course. I never noticed any real stigma. I was treated fairly amongst my fellow students and the lecturers of the university were kind and supportive. There was a lack of females attending the course which can be intimidating at the start, but I never felt isolated or under any extra pressure being a female student. After university, my journey has led me to working in the Rolton Group company.

I thoroughly enjoy the type of work I do; every project is different! The company is supportive and has helped me further my education as an engineer. I would encourage girls who have an interest in engineering to go for it. Do your research, check out the courses, and don’t forget to help and support each other!'

If you are considering a career in engineering but are unsure for whatever reason, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can put you in contact with one of our women engineers who will be able to answer all of your queries!

Telephone: 01933 414 566