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Rolton Group assured by Altius for the second year in a row!

Rolton Group is thrilled to announce that we have met the stringent criteria of Altius making us assured vendors for the second year in a row.

Altius provides services that are designed to minimise the likelihood that supply chains will put a business at risk. Through the use of tailored assessments and compliance audits, Altius assists clients with the effective and efficient management and monitoring of their supply chain.

Unlike other accreditation's, Altius do not follow a pass/fail process, instead opting to work with suppliers until they reach the high level of compliance required. The robust criteria and continuous assessments ensure that suppliers are capable and competent to work safely and in line with the most recent industry legislation. The requirements cover five key areas: risk management, commercial, quality, corporate social responsibility and customer service.

Delighted by this latest achievement, Rolton Group’s Quality and Environmental Systems Manager, Cheryl Mehew commented:

“Being assured by Altius for a second year in a row shows Rolton Group's continuous commitment to comply with the law, follow best practices and demonstrates that we take our responsibilities seriously.

Altius are trusted by a wide range of clients, from SMEs to large blue-chip companies including Morrisons, Boots and Debenhams, to name but a few. Our Altius award number is 704743, and if you would like to view our profile, it can be found on the Altius database.