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Supporting Employees With Wellbeing Days

Friday 4th March 2022 marks ‘Employee Appreciation Day’ - an event which originated in America to recognise and celebrate the efforts of employees throughout the year. Today, we are proud to announce that from this year, all Rolton Group employees will benefit from two wellbeing days annually.

Rolton Group’s wellbeing days are an opportunity for colleagues across the business to take the entire day as personal time off to recharge, perhaps seeing friends and family, relaxing, spending time on hobbies, or otherwise making the most of time away from work.

The wellbeing days can be booked flexibly, meaning each employee can choose to take their two wellbeing days consecutively or as individual days at different points in the year, so everyone can use their days at the best time for them.

Craig Smith, Managing Director of Rolton Group, said:

“It’s a pleasure to have put Rolton Group’s wellbeing days in place and is a great step forward in our ongoing journey to support the wellbeing of our team.

“Working throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our team adapted exceptionally well to new working conditions in working from home and continue to deliver engineering excellence in the face of changing (and often, increasingly demanding) project expectations. However, we acknowledge that this hasn’t been easy, especially whilst dealing with the tragedy of lives lost throughout the pandemic and against continuing uncertainty in the UK economy and internationally.

“We truly appreciate the efforts made by all to keep delivering engineering excellence for our clients, supporting each other and pushing the business forward. Thank you to everyone at Rolton Group for your dedication and continued efforts.”