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Jaguar Land Rover

Julian Hetherington, Project Director of Global Business Expansion for Jaguar Land Rover, was kind enough to officially open our new office in Birmingham early in 2012. He spoke about the 20-plus year working relationship between Jaguar Land Rover and Rolton Group, and drew some comparisons between the two companies. This is what he said:

"Our brands stand for something. They mean something to our customers, and what is really important is that our products are pretty damned good with great capability and they now consistently live up to the brand promise. In fact our remarkable recovery and growth coming out of the annus horribilis of 2008 is because we have the best and widest-range of contemporary products that we have ever had and they anticipate our customers’ needs. There has been a steady hand at the tiller, and a conviction from within (and from our parent, by the way) that we had great potential and we continued to invest in people and products. Our products and our people have values that we hold dear.

"That is where there is an enormous parallel with Rolton Group, and why they have elected to open up their new offices here, coincidentally or otherwise, right next to the heart of potentially the Midlands’ economic artery of the future, HS2 and in the middle of the UK’s surprisingly resilient manufacturing base.

"They have values and standards, and they translate into the behaviours and contributions of their staff. And there is an understanding both inside Rolton and within their customer base of what kind of service and commitment stands behind the Rolton name.

"I have personally been doing business with Rolton for over 20 years. There is a reason for it. Not a ‘comfortable pair of slippers’ kind of reason, but one based on a dovetailing of values and standards such as trust, integrity, reliability, transparency, open-mindedness, lateral-thinking, responsiveness and… ongoing value for money and agreement to our Terms and Conditions!

"And there is another very important reason. It comes from anticipating your customer’s needs and developing products (in Rolton’s case, services and skills) that are contemporary and move with the times. We may have started a working relationship on conventional engineering projects all those years ago, but today a large proportion of the work we do together is on business case evaluation and feasibility assessment and project management of energy efficiency or carbon-intensity-reduction projects.

"That only happens in an environment where there is clear vision and the commitment to stick with a plan, to continue to invest in skills (and therefore product offer) when the market cycle is at an ebb. This stewardship has been provided by the team at the top."