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What we do

Specialist Witnesses

Rolton Group offers an integrated and comprehensive service designed to meet the need for expert advice on commercial land.

If you own a piece of land or you're thinking of acquiring one, the chances are you should talk to us; we have an extensive track record of advising clients about all the issues relating to the development of a site, besides planning.

Whatever the potential issues or problems, we have the skill sets to help you, and can provide an array of services including geotechnical and environmental engineering, flood risk assessments, analysis of traffic impact, and infrastructure expertise.

Whether you're a purchaser or a developer, we have great ability and vast experience in taking information about sites and converting it into an analysis of the risks and hazards. Facing a development and the risks and hazards to your development and the extra costs that might be incurred in purchasing and your potential liabilities under the Environmental Protection Act, Part IIA, which provides a system for the identification of land that is posing unacceptable risks to health or the environment, and for securing remediation where risks cannot be controlled by other means.

We have access to the services that provide information to all public databases. Within an hour we can have access to all information in the public domain. We also review and analyse the reports compiled by others to sell. We provide clients with a full risk analysis that examines the location, the planned and former uses of the site, consideration of those who might be affected, and knowledge of the significance of environmental resources that could be harmed. Our investigations and analysis would routinely examine the hazards and potential engineering costs that pertain to your site. These can include physical, chemical or flood risks, or the cost of providing services to the site.

The intended use of a site has a huge impact on the amount and type of clean up that may need to be done. Residential use is obviously far more sensitive to environmental contamination than industrial use and the key to adding value lies in using 'joined-up thinking' to provide a solution that is relevant to the final use.

Many developments today are based on former industrial sites and we have experience of clean-ups on industrial sites as varied and challenging as town gas plants, abbatoirs and petrol storage facilities.

We also have experience of working on sites where old buildings have been demolished and the site cleared - but where there is no evidence that the site is actually clean. Investigating sites like these calls for a forensic approach to investigations to ascertain the whereabouts of things like asbestos or hydrocarbons and other potentially harmful material such as traces of anthrax.

Given that it's no longer desirable or even possible to cart away large amounts of spoil, it's vitally important to leave material on site in a safe manner, in a way that's as economic as possible. This has led to CLEA - the Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment. This risk assessment process uses a conceptual model which enables us to more intensely address how much material can be safely left on site.

Our clients benefit from a holistic approach that adds value by coordinating all necessary services. What's more, with more than 30 years experience, there's not a lot we haven't seen before. We are always prepared to talk to clients about sharing the reward of enhancing the value of a piece of land, rather than charging a fee for our professional services.

Our approach includes:

  • Brownfield site solutions
  • Property development appraisal
  • Residential or commercial opportunities
  • Relocation Management
  • Engineering evaluation and protection
  • Land development valuations
  • Joint venture and funding options
  • Feasibility studies
  • Strategic and specific planning management