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Chris Evans BSc (Hons) Environmental Engineering CEng, MCIBSE, MASHRAE | Director


The pragmatist with an eye for added value

Chris Evans takes a realistic view of energy consumption and the reduction of carbon footprints.

A registered low carbon consultant, Chris has always placed a great emphasis on the importance of providing the information that the client and their design team need to make informed decisions about project development.

Utilising three-dimensional modelling through powerful software plays a key role in the way in which he combines increased energy efficiency with aesthetic appeal and functionality. He says: "For me it’s all about the power of 3-D modelling, making sure that the client knows what they're getting and trying to provide the solution before the project goes into planning."

He takes a pragmatic view of energy in projects. He says: "It’s not necessarily about a zero-carbon house any more. It’s about low energy and my low energy credentials are about the task of getting energy consumption down to a minimum. Then, if you do bring in renewables or new generation technology such as anaerobic digestion, wind turbines or photovoltaics then that’s an added bonus."

Chris understands the drivers in a client’s brief: issues such as comfort, cost or time. He says: "Your role is to pick up on those issues or alternatively use your own knowledge to address issues of which the client may be unaware. At the end of the day when you have been in construction for a long time, the value you add is through the benefit of your expertise."