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Ewan Cross BSc (Hons) CEng MEI Chartered Energy Engineer ACSM | Associate Director


Chartered Engineer with vast knowledge of energy and climate change.

Ewan is a Chartered Engineer who joined Rolton Group in 2014 as a Renewables Engineer. Now an Associate Director, he provides strategic energy advice to some of the UK’s largest companies, supporting their decision-making, forward planning and strategy development.

His range of knowledge and skills mean he is able to provide valuable strategic advice on numerous interrelated subjects including, energy generation and storage technologies, energy transmission and distribution systems, energy management and efficiency, electric and autonomous vehicles, carbon emissions and climate change. Combined with a high level of technical, market and policy knowledge, Ewan offers a unique combination of skills that apply across a wide range of energy and environmental subjects and has done so for a variety of multi-million-pound projects for Rolton Group.

Ewan continually seeks to expand his knowledge and skills to be able to offer more to his clients. In September 2018, he completed the UK Green Building Council’s Future Leaders Programme, giving him a unique opportunity to develop his people and business leadership skills, as well as his innovation skills. Ewan also regularly presents to clients and organisations providing updates and insights on a range of subjects including the uptake of electric vehicles, renewable energy opportunities and energy systems integration.

“The overwhelming need to act quickly to stop climate change and minimise its impacts is driving massive changes in the global energy sector. These changes pose significant challenges to businesses and organisations, but also a lot of opportunities. Those that grasp these opportunities will have the best chance of thriving in the future and it is these opportunities that we are always looking to identify and develop for our clients.”