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Matt Colebrook BEng (Hons) CEng MCIBSE | Associate Director


Shedding light on energy efficiency

The image of state-of-the-art cars being built by robots is something we've all grown accustomed to. We're not quite so used to the idea of them being built in the dark, under lights which are only activated by the presence of people in the work environment.

Associate Director Matt Colebrook is a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer with a passion for electrical engineering on large industrial projects. He cut his teeth on one of Rolton Group's many projects at BMW's Plant Oxford, working on the body in white section, where sheet metal sections are welded together. Now he's back there again working on an extension to the body in white, heading up the M&E work.

When it comes to driving out costs and improving efficiency, automotive manufacturers are world-class. That's why the robots work in the dark, whether they are welding, painting or warehousing - they don't need to see what they are doing. For Matt, two initiatives are key to reducing energy expenditure: the continued growth of LED lighting and the use of addressable lighting systems which use network controls to cut energy expenditure on lighting to the bone.

He estimates that LED systems and addressable lighting has cut costs for clients by up to 50 per cent. But there's always more to learn, from both your own team and from working with clients. Despite an extensive portfolio of work for a wide range of blue-chip clients in the private and public sectors, the BMW projects have been his favourites: "I have learned a phenomenal amount from the guys down there," he says.