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Shaun Pentlow MEng | Associate Director


"Clients want companies that can offer them stability, comfort, and value in the design that they create"
Shaun Pentlow

Shaun Pentlow joined Rolton Group in 2001 and in his role as Associate Director he looks after the infrastructure team and civil side of the business, collaborating with our other in-house disciplines to create integrated and efficient designs for his clients.

When it comes to adding value, early involvement is key for Shaun. He explains: "by understanding the levels of a site at an early stage we can understand any issues in relation to the amount of material that needs to be moved and the client can gain value by adjusting those levels at an early stage." In addition, he evaluates all options to ensure his solutions provide the best value because, as he says, "there are so many different ways of designing schemes for sites that can save clients’ money and we look at many alternatives to get the required result."

Shaun’s industry knowledge is a particular asset to the company, and he understands the legislative variance that can exist between locations

"We’ve got a strong working knowledge of the adoption authorities within our area, which is important because if you’re working in Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, or the London boroughs, they’ve all got slightly different requirements and you’ve got to be confident that you know what you’re doing so approvals are granted faster and work can progress to site quicker."

One thing Shaun’s clients can be sure of is his focus on quality, which he believes is crucial: "clients want companies that can offer them stability, comfort, and value in the design that they create rather than just cheapness of design", and Shaun’s team is on-hand to provide for these needs at every stage of a project.