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Electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles: The challenges and commercial opportunities

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming a more attractive and viable means of transportation every day. With forecasts predicting that approximately 35% of all vehicles on UK roads will be EVs by 2030 and that by 2050, EVs will have saturated the passenger vehicle market which accounts for around 69% of all vehicles on UK roads, this is a change that nobody should ignore.

The rise in electric vehicle (EV) ownership will undoubtedly have widespread implications for the nation and in anticipation of this huge automotive industry shake-up, Rolton Group’s team of forward-thinking engineers have prepared a paper to explore what impacts this change will have on the built environment, considering both the practical challenges that will be faced and more importantly, the potential commercial opportunities available for businesses of all shapes and sizes across all industry sectors.

As with most new technologies, there is much to play for. People that investigate EV requirements and infrastructure at the earliest opportunity will be in a better position to potentially become more futureproof than those that don’t.

Undertaking top-down strategic reviews and exploring site specific needs will help businesses remain holistically competitive. Rolton Group as industry experts are available to help businesses make sense of the commercial influences emerging as EVs become more mainstream.

If you would like any assistance when exploring the challenges and commercial opportunities relating to the impact of EVs on existing buildings, extending sites or future developments, please don’t hesitate to contact our team via