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Andrew Chisem C Eng MIStructE MCIOB | Director


"Clients can be very focused on costs, which is why our ability to add value makes such a difference"
Andrew Chisem

Energy concerns are changing clients’ perspectives

As the interests and demands of clients and developers has changed in recent years, so has the role of Company Director Andrew Chisem; he has moved from a hands-on role as a structural engineer towards a greater focus on strategy and added value.

“The emphasis on energy and renewables has added a new perspective to the way that we work. Much of structural engineering is about performance and costs these days. But we can advise on the benefits of different strategies based on expertise we have gained over years."
“Clients listen because everyone’s energy costs are going up and we can make a real difference. My role in the company has grown from Project Engineer to Director, which has meant getting less involved in every aspect of day-to-day work and taking on a more managerial role. However, my commitment to clients runs very deep and I make sure that I continue to balance the twin demands.”

The balancing act goes further though. As a Director and structural engineer he works in partnership with other members of the senior management team on energy projects and with external contractors and clients.

At the same time, an upturn in automotive projects has signaled a revival in the industry’s fortunes in the UK, and some of Rolton Group’s long-standing clients, such as BMW and Jaguar Land Rover, look to grow. This brings unique challenges: "Automotive companies are world-class at driving out cost and creating efficiency, so working with them calls for the ability to implement major productions without impacting upon output or compromising safety standards."