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While defence represents a vitally important element of the public sector, given the twin problems of international conflict and global terrorism, it is facing an unprecedented challenge to deliver world-class performance at a time when expenditure has never been more closely scrutinised.

We have worked with the Ministry of Defence for many years, providing a variety of engineering solutions. Most recently we carried out a UK-wide strategic review of the renewable energy opportunities available to the MoD, which controls roughly one per cent of the UK’s entire land mass.

Given the UK’s commitment to source 15 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, Rolton Group was invited by the MoD, in conjunction with the Carbon Trust, to carry out a strategic review of the renewable energy options available to them.

The aim of the review was to identify, evaluate, and prioritise commercial opportunities for renewable energy generation, with the ultimate aim of reducing carbon emissions.

All the identified solutions had to be appropriate, ethical, robust in operation and deployment, and demonstrate a strong business case on commercial terms. The project was particularly complex given the widely varied nature of the different parts of the MoD’s estate.

The review took in all parts of the estate and advised on the use of all relevant technologies. Our work identified 50 sites most likely to benefit from the application of renewable technologies and a consequent reduction in carbon footprint.