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What we do


One thing which sets us apart in the industry is our experience of working in project teams alongside architects, developers, and end-users to deliver workable solutions. Consultation with so many spheres of knowledge allows us to take into account issues which are diverse, and sometimes conflicting: cost, timescales, location, availability of materials, aesthetics, planning restraints and the contractors' experience, available skills and resources are all recognised in our decision-making process.

Specialist knowledge, ability, and a wide range of experience working with materials such as reinforced concrete, structural steel, aluminium, timber, structural composites, and masonry are the stock in trade of good structural engineers. Equally important is the ability to realise the architect’s vision in a way which lessens environmental impact and the project cost. Great designs need not cost the earth – in any sense.

Sharing information at an early stage is critically important to a project's success. By understanding the issues of all stakeholders in a project, exploring the available options, and illustrating the benefits and potential drawbacks of a variety of solutions, we deliver proposals and recommendations that get as near as possible to meeting all key criteria.

Whether we're carrying out structural surveys, forensic investigations, structural monitoring, advising on residential structures and system building, or using our expertise in heavy lifting support structures, our goal is to reduce programme uncertainty and produce a solution that is tailored to each project's particular circumstances.