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"We find Rolton Group help create an open working relationship which will always benefit a project"
Michael Ratterman, Kier Construction Eastern

The demands on the education sector have never been more complex, as schools find themselves under increasing pressure to deliver ever-improving results while working on smaller budgets. At the same time, universities and colleges are having to operate outside their normal academic comfort zones as they compete to attract students in what has become a commercial marketplace.

This means that schools and universities need to manage ever-rising energy costs, and create attractive environments for study, while paying attention to the need to reduce their carbon footprint. As degree-level students become more aware of the commercial implications of the degree courses they choose, universities are also having to stay flexible to create suitable teaching environments as some degree courses grow in popularity, while others lose their former appeal.

We understand the issues that schools and universities face because we work closely with them to deliver solutions that bring lasting benefit while responding to changing demands. We have worked with Oxford Brookes University, Nottingham Trent, various departments at Cambridge University, and City University London, and have worked in partnership for several years with Middlesex University on numerous projects including lecture halls, student facilities, and new teaching areas and laboratories. Our work for schools, too numerous to list here, includes engineering services for new build projects, refurbishments, and energy efficiency improvements.