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"Rolton Group is to be congratulated on the excellent service the company has offered Rover group over the years"
Graham Gallagher, Rover Group

For more than 20 years we have worked with the world's most prestigious car makers to develop engineering solutions that help them implement their vision and respond to changing demands and market forces.

We understand the issues that the industry faces. It's a global marketplace with global issues and additional local and national complications. Clients work with us to ensure that they can maintain maximum output while safely implementing large-scale programmes of structural change; for example the BMW Plant in Oxford, where the runaway success of the the new Mini created huge demand. Clients may be looking for long-term partnerships with an ongoing programme of engineering services, such as that which we have established with Ford. Aston Martin looked to Rolton Group to help design and develop its state of the art manufacturing facility and offices at Gaydon, as did BMW when it came to the construction of their giant Hams Hall engine plant.

Away from the manufacturing side, we've also worked with Jaguar to carry out a strategic review of the possibilities and implications of a transition of a low-carbon economy for seven of their key suppliers. Other notable clients include Bentley and Honda, with whom we have worked for many years.