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Rolton Kilbride - Distributed Energy

Rolton Kilbride: Powering the Future

Stay ahead of the energy game

Planning for renewable energy projects can be intimidating, both in terms of sourcing capital and adhering to legislation. Such obstacles can be mitigated, however, and we have direct experience in resolving these precise issues. For example, linking a project to new developments or providing energy or heat to the local community makes it much more attractive both to the planning committee and to those who might be able to assist with funding.

Rolton Group has an unparalleled knowledge base when it comes to the UK renewable energy sector, and our growing portfolio of development projects draws on years of expertise advising British Government and major blue-chip corporations. The company has now formed a joint venture with Kilbride Infrastructure, a leading UK developer with extensive experience in heavy-duty projects such as rail terminals and distribution parks, to create Rolton Kilbride.

Rolton Kilbride is a distributed energy company that builds embedded power and heat generation assets for high energy use businesses, communities and large-scale development projects.

Working with Rolton Kilbride Energy Ltd offers many advantages to clients, including:

  • Industry leaders who truly understand their craft
    Combining Rolton Group’s practical and legislative expertise in the energy sector with Kilbride’s understanding of development and infrastructure
  • Technology agnostic
    Realising that there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ in energy provision to ensure that the best solutions are found to address unique requirements
  • Assisting clients to demonstrate by example
    Through our work, proving how the transition to a low carbon future can yield long term economic benefits, survival and competitiveness

We are interested to hear from parties in the process of creating new renewable developments; whether you require investment through a traditional fee agreement or a partner who will exchange expert intellectual property in return for equity shares, please contact for a no-obligation discussion.