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New Haribo Plant

The Rolton Group is pleased to announce its appointment as Employer's Agent, Project Manager and Clerk of Works in the delivery of Haribo’s new sweet making plant in Normanton, West Yorkshire.

The new facility will produce almost 50,000 tonnes of the company’s famous confections every year, enhancing not only their own growth as demand for their products continues to swell, but also that of the local economy; 286 jobs will be created when the plant comes to life, bolstering the UK’s manufacturing industry.

Allan Rose, Managing Director of Rolton Group says:

"Rolton is proud to be associated with this exciting project, which is Haribo's first of this scale in the UK. Haribo has a very progressive and refreshing attitude which should make for an exciting and satisfying project for all those involved and we look forward working with Haribo, Wates Construction and the specialist suppliers in delivering a successful project."