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Doors opened on Wednesday 15th October at the London Olympia to the inaugural MIPIM UK property trade show; the international event takes place every spring in Cannes, but this is the first time an autumn date has been added to the calendar to focus on the UK market.

Demand is strong across Britain for property in a variety of guises, be it residential, commercial, regeneration or new development, and Deputy Managing Director Chris Evans attended the event with Business Development Executive Kate Roche on behalf of Rolton Group to meet with existing and potential clients whilst gaining some insight on what the experts make of current and predicted trends in the sector.

Listening to several panels that featured in the show, it is clear that a strong emphasis on regional growth and redevelopment is high on the list of national priorities, with cities such as Birmingham and Manchester continuing to carve out names for themselves as strong competitors in a sector that has traditionally been dominated by London; there is still some way to go here but the trajectory is positive. New garden cities were also in discussion, and the desire to make successes of any future developments through integrated links to existing infrastructure and an understanding of local culture was in strong evidence. There were been disagreements about the ways in which housing supply may hope to meet demand (nationwide supply outstrips demand by 50%, and in London by 80%) but it is encouraging to see lively debate happening as it proves that this pressing issue has not been forgotten.

Rolton Group works extensively within the property sector, and the upturn spoken of by many of the event’s speakers is mirrored in our experience as confidence returns to the sector and the frequency of new projects picks up speed once more. With such a significant disparity between supply and demand, however, we are particularly proud to be working on several large regeneration schemes across the UK that provide additional housing without compromising on quality, efficiency or affordability. These innovative projects, such as the Wornington Green regeneration, are urgently needed to create thriving communities within tight city-centre locations, and we are delighted to be involved in such an important part of the property sector’s long-term goals.

MIPIM UK 2014 has been a real success, providing a platform for industry professionals to connect, demonstrate their achievements, and discuss future opportunities; we will look forward to attending again next year.