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Jon Holmes Celebrates 10 Years at Rolton Group!

Jon Holmes recently celebrated his 10-year anniversary working at Rolton Group. In celebration of this, we asked Jon a few questions about his experience over the last decade and what his plans are for the future.

What is your role and background?

I joined Rolton Group’s Birmingham office as an Assistant Project Engineer. At the time, I was studying part-time at college for an HNC in Electrical Building Services Engineering and Rolton Group were more than happy to accommodate this.

Currently, I am a Project Engineer in the MEP team. My role covers a wide range of tasks and responsibilities including the design of low voltage distribution, lighting and fire detection and alarm systems. My day-to-day work typically involves producing drawings, specifications, calculations and system modelling.

What has your experience with Rolton Group been like?

It’s been a really positive experience and from the moment that I joined the company, Rolton Group has offered me many opportunities to develop myself both professionally and personally. Five months after joining the company, Rolton Group sponsored me to study a part-time degree in Building Services Engineering at Coventry University where I attained a first-class honours degree.

Since I started working here there have always been opportunities to progress and take on new responsibilities as my skills have developed. I value the fact that I have managed to solve problems and learn lessons on every project and situation I have been exposed to, which has enabled me to consistently build my competence and confidence over time and allowed me to progress my education, my role in the company and my personal development.

What made you choose Rolton Group?

It was the perfect opportunity at the ideal time. In 2011, the construction industry was still in the process of recovering from the 2008 Financial Crisis and there seemed to be limited job opportunities. As an undergraduate, who had already been working in the industry for a few years, I was looking for a very specific position where I would be able to build on the skills and knowledge I had already acquired and continue to learn on the job and at college, which is what Rolton Group were able to offer me and were looking for; it was the perfect match.

What has kept you with Rolton Group for 10 years?

The people that I have worked with over the years and the culture of my team has been a good fit for my personality and has made me feel like a valued member of the team from the beginning.

What is the most enjoyable project that you have worked on?

The work that I have done for BMW over the years has been the most enjoyable for me, particularly at the Oxford Plant. Industrial projects give you an opportunity to make the most of your skills and knowledge and design completely bespoke systems on a large scale, which makes them interesting, but also challenging enough to allow you to learn something new each time.

What are your next steps?

To achieve the title of Senior Engineer would be the next official step in terms of my career progression, however, I tend to see the whole thing as a gradual process rather than focusing on the milestones along the way. What is important to me is that I continue to incrementally expand my knowledge, refine my skills and increase my confidence so that I can handle any challenges that come my way, and I’m more than happy to be promoted as a result of this when the time is right.

Associate Director and Jon’s line manager, Matthew Colebrook said of the occasion:

“Having worked with Jon from him starting with the company and actually interviewing him for the position, I have seen his entire progression from a quiet and shy Assistant Engineer through to an excellent, well-rounded, dependable engineer with a great sense of humour. During his time here, Jon has gained an honours degree in Building Services Engineering, become a member of the IET, and developed into a popular and well-versed engineer.

It has been an absolute joy working with Jon over the last 10 years and long may it continue."
We would like to thank Jon for his long-standing service and support to Rolton Group and congratulate him on reaching such a big milestone within the company.