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Rolton Group MBO

David Rolton started the first of the Rolton engineering firms in 1980, armed with a drawing board and an electronic calculator that he put to work in of his mother-in-law’s spare bedroom.

Thirty three years later and those humble beginnings have grown into a thriving company, with three offices providing services for an ever expanding portfolio of clients. Having steered the Group through fair and foul weather towards the successes it now enjoys, David is passing on the reins and taking a well-deserved break. We would like to thank him for the opportunities he has created, and are sorry to release him to other pursuits, particularly cycling, hillwalking, travelling with his wife Julie, and probably confounding his grandchildren with structurally overcomplicated Lego creations.

Says David:

"I step back confident the company is in good hands. It is blessed with directors of vision and ability, and loyal hard working people who make the difference. I have no doubt therefore that the company will continue to “engineer the future” and its values will always stand out and be recognised. I thank all past and present for making a great company and for the opportunity for me to remain in touch and be “useful”. Just to be sure I don’t have to resort to gardening, I have also taken an unpaid role on the board of the Local Enterprise Partnership and hope to give back a little to the community that gave me a grant to go to university all those years ago."

Peter Rolton, Helen Rolton, Allan Rose, Chris Evans, Andrew Chisem, and Graham Waring have now acquired a majority shareholding of the company, and we are delighted to announce that David will be staying on the board as a director and equity investor to give us the continued benefit of his wisdom.

In the words of Chairman Peter Rolton:

"Today marks a new chapter for the Rolton Group, and I am thrilled to say that even in the current economic climate, the company is stronger than ever. Our staff look forward to another thirty years filled with unique challenges, innovation and continued success, built on the strong foundations secured by David."

From the start, David Rolton has championed the creation of strong relationships, and we take great pride in the following, which Simon Marks of EC Harris was kind enough to say of us: ‘We have worked with Rolton Group for many years and have built deep business and personal relationships with them. We share a common objective – to put the client at the heart of everything we do – and we have total confidence in their ability and desire to deliver. Good luck and on into the future, we look forward to continuing to work with you.’

We would also like to thank Simon Arkell and Paul Bevington of EMW, and Rachel Nutt and Richard Powell of MacIntyre Hudson for their help during this transition.