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BMW i8 Launch

We are delighted to see that the BMW i8 hybrid sports car is now on sale, and that it has already sold out for more than a year in advance.

The vehicle uses a new three-cylinder BMW TwinPower turbo technology petrol engine and can go from 0 – 60km/h in just 4.5 seconds, whilst maintaining emission and consumption values no higher than a compact car. This staggering engine is only produced in one location in the world: BMW Hams Hall.

Rolton Group has provided engineering support at Hams Hall since the original £75 million project that saw the manufacture of the very successful NG4F engine. Since then, we have had additional input into BOR, logistics, and internal modelling on-site, utilising our extensive knowledge of the facility to reduce time and cost for the client. We were brought in once more by BMW to facilitate the manufacturing equipment’s replacement for the i8 series, including cylinder block, head, and crank shaft replacement, with remodelling and reprovision of the assembly plant to increase the output of engines manufactured and constructed.

Once the cars have been assembled, they make their way to selected flagship stores around the UK. Most prestigious of these is perhaps the Park Lane location in London, which was completed in 2012; Rolton Group provided a performance design for mechanical and electrical services for this project, alongside quality monitoring on-site through to completion. Intelligent use of space to provide all services whilst keeping them out of sight ensures the sleek finish that one would expect from a BMW showroom, and a living ‘green wall’ feature reinforces the low carbon credentials of the vehicles on display.

BMW have set a new standard in hybrid vehicles with the i8, and by choosing to manufacture this and other ground-breaking engines here in the UK they reinforce the skill and expertise present in British manufacturing; the sector is proving to be a leader of industry, and we are proud to continue to work with BMW and play our part in sustaining it.