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CPD Seminar with Dynasafe Group

Rolton Group regularly hosts CPD seminars to ensure our personnel are equipped with an up-to-the-minute understanding of the latest in technology and practical methods for dealing with a variety of site issues.

This week BACTEC, part of the Dynasafe Group of companies presented to a number of Rolton employees on the subject of unexploded ordnance, which can present unique challenges to all parties involved with a site.

Great Britain was heavily targeted by the Luftwaffe during World War Two, and the chance remains that weaponry intended for use over half a century ago could still be discovered both in locations of strategic significance and open land that was targeted at random. The potential presence of these unexploded ordnances needs to be considered when developing / redeveloping urban areas, open land or brownfield sites, including re-development of areas of post-war construction, as ordnance can be buried at levels as deep as 17m below ground, and may have lain undisturbed for decades.

CDM regulations and other statutory requirements associated with health and safety require that the likelihood of encountering unexploded ordnance is considered prior to commencing works on site, and this is something we take seriously. Targeted database searches reveal the probability of encountering a problem, and should they highlight any problems, companies like BACTEC are able to provide on-site and intrusive investigations using specialist scanning and bore hole methods to reduce risk and resolve any issues. We have worked with BACTEC, the industry leader in providing these services, for over ten years and where appropriate will advise clients of the need to engage their services. We would like to thank them for their time this week and for an insightful CPD session.

(Photograph taken with permission of Jeremy Vernon, BACTEC, part of the Dynasafe Group of companies)