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Powering Up Higham Town Colts

Peter Rolton (pictured above with Colin Watts, Chairman of Higham Town Colts) has been personally involved with the local Higham Town Colts Football Club since gaining his FA badge and coaching his son’s team in the early 2000s, so when the organisation decided to relocate Rolton Group was keen to help.

We assisted in securing their current site by negotiating with the Duchy of Lancashire and subsequently obtaining planning permission for the new facility.

Unfortunately, although the new pitches were much more suitable for use, they didn’t come with the benefit of mains services, forcing the Club to rely on expensive generators for electricity. Seeing an opportunity to provide a cheaper long-term solution, Rolton Group stepped in again to help the Colts with an interest-free loan that allowed them to connect to the Grid; we also negotiated with Western Power Distribution so the Club could connect at a good price whilst upgrades were being undertaken for the connection of a new wind farm nearby.

Power is now fully up and running at the Club, so the Colts no longer need to rely on temperamental generators for their heat and lighting; with over 220 children on their books as well as several adult teams, this is sure to come as welcome news to players and spectators alike! We are proud to be associated with the Club, the members of which are all volunteers who give up their time (in fair and foul weather) to coach footballers of all ages and abilities.