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Rolton Group's Developments at BMW: Building Cars Live

‘Building Cars Live’, a new two-part program based at the Oxford MINI plant – a site extensively developed using the services of Rolton Group – is to conclude tonight on BBC2.

Featuring James May, who will be joined by Kate Humble and Ant Anstead, the program will showcase the car manufacturing process from the body assembly stage to the final product, set within some of the impressive facilities, many of which were designed and project-managed by Rolton Group.

Rolton Group has a long-standing relationship with BMW, and has worked on numerous projects for the car manufacturer since 2006. As Designers and Project Supervisors, Rolton Group more recently designed the building and infrastructure services for a 66,000m² extension of the BIW facility, where the cars’ body panels are assembled; at the same time, managed significant modifications and refurbishments to the assembly area – where the MINIs enter the finishing stages of production – and modified various logistics facilities. These areas are all vital to the production of cars at the Oxford plant, where a new MINI is completed every 68 seconds, thanks to a combination of highly skilled workers and more than 1000 robots in the BIW facility alone.

BMW acquired the Oxford plant in 1994; since the start of its MINI production in April 2001, over 2.5 million MINIs have been made.

‘Building Cars Live’ part 2, is on BBC2 tonight at 19:30. Catch up on episode 1 at