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A New Look For Our New Fleet

Here at Rolton Group we have recently invested in updating our fleet of pool cars and rather than simply putting just our logo on each vehicle, we welcomed local graduate designer Luke Evans to create bespoke designs for our fleet.

With one Ford Ranger and five Nissan Jukes to play with, Luke worked hard at the end of last year to bring our ideas into the real world, presenting various design proposals to us and helping the team reach final designs that we're all very proud of whilst also helping to minimise accidental damage whilst in use.

Peter Rolton, Chairman of Rolton Group, said: "It's always a pleasure to support young professionals seeking that all important real-world experience, so when the opportunity arose to give a budding local designer a chance to really make his mark through what would be one of his first major commissions, we were delighted to be able to help.

"Luke's done an excellent job creating the design for the Jukes from scratch and adapting our widely-used energy townscape image for use as a vehicle wrap on our Ranger. We're very pleased with the end results; these designs really make our vehicles stand out from the crowd and we've already caught quite a few people admiring them! Very well done Luke, and a special thank you to our Senior Team Administrator Tracey Mehew and to the team at Blue Star Print Solutions for coordinating the practicalities of printing and bringing the designs to life."

Our Ford Ranger sports a wrap-around design based on the 'Engineering the future landscape' infographic that was originally used within our white paper Energy: The Challenge - The Commercial Opportunity, featuring various components of a town working together as part of a holistic strategy for energy provision with a low carbon future in mind – an excellent reflection of the vision our team of renewables engineers drive forward as part of strategic energy masterplans for clients.


All of our new Nissan Jukes are now smartly wrapped in a design that neatly shows the progression of engineering design within the built environment, developing from initial 3D drawings, through the all service Navisworks outputs, to the photograph of the completed building. The graphics featured on the Jukes are based on the multi-disciplinary engineering designs that we have produced for one of the many advanced thermal treatment (ATT) facilities that our team have worked on.


Designer Luke Evans said:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of designing on a multidimensional billboard, especially for a company that has such a forward thinking vision of what our future in society will look like.
"It's always awesome to see the designs you've worked so hard on being seen in the real world, and as always it was a great experience working with the Rolton Group".