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Opportunities in the EV revolution

Rolton Group has been hitting the headlines again thanks to Deputy Managing Director Chris Evans sharing his latest thoughts on engineering the future in the face of the changing electric vehicle (EV) landscape.

As EVs continue to be a key topic in the press, we’re delighted to see thought pieces from our Deputy Managing Director, Chris Evans, published in Building Services & Environmental Engineer magazine as well as with online journals Highways Today and Fleet News.

Consultant engineers play a vital role in both the design of new developments and the alteration and refurbishment of existing buildings. EVs present a great challenge – especially to those that aren’t yet considering the impact that they will have on the built environment. Futureproofing is imperative and within these articles, Chris explains the scale of the EV challenge and explores key considerations in light of the recently released National Infrastructure Assessment, as well as commercial opportunities for forward-thinking developers and property owners.

Chris’ Engineering the future – Opportunities in the EV revolution article can be seen in the August edition of Building Services & Environmental Engineer magazine. His latest article with Highways Today, thoughts contributing to the Fleet News article, and latest blog post are linked below:

Highways Today: Mapping the impact of electric vehicle uptake

Fleet News: Ofgem to incentivise EV owners to charge off-peak

Blog Post: Young people want an electric vehicle, but what does the National Infrastructure Assessment say about the ability to deliver?