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Top 150 Consultants and Top 50 Engineers 2021

After two consecutive years of placing in Building Magazine’s list of Top 150 consultants and Top 50 Engineers, Rolton Group is delighted to have placed in both categories once again for 2021.

Having contacted over 350 businesses, Business Magazine recently released their 2021 survey results in which Rolton Group ranked 35th in the Top 50 Engineers, up from 48th in 2019, and 119th in the Top 150 Consultants, up from 143rd.

The businesses that entered the survey were assessed on themes such as staff resources and qualifications, recruitment, revenue and margins, areas of work and workload expectations. It also considered the number of Chartered and technical staff and UK and global fee incomes.

The newly ranked positions are a testament to Rolton Group’s commitment to quality and the successful growth of Rolton Group over the last two years, all of which wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the team.

Managing Director, Craig Smith said of the occasion:

“It is terrific to once again be recognised by Building Magazine as one of the Top 150 Consultants and Top 50 Engineers. Our staff continuously strive to deliver the highest standards in both the designs and services that we offer our clients.

"Well done and thank you.”

The full league tables can be found here (subscription required):
Top 50 Engineers 2021
Top 150 Consultants 2021