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Case Studies

Electric Vehicle (EV) Impact Assessment

Rolton Group’s energy team is currently appointed by a major automotive manufacturer to assess the impact of the electrification of vehicles at its UK sites, this includes dealing with the maximum peak power demand and identifying decentralized energy generation solutions to help address increasing power requirements.

Our team’s understanding of the client’s market position paired with existing knowledge of the automotive manufacturer’s sites has been a great asset, resulting in detailed and commercially aware analysis, strategy and recommendations.

Rolton Group’s assessment was undertaken by considering a number of the client’s work streams, including the testing of batteries and vehicles, the development of the built environment and charging of EVs on-site as the take up of EVs progresses and subsequent requirements change.

Maximum peak power demand was forecasted for all of the sites on an annual basis up to 2030. To address the increase in peak power demand Rolton Group undertook dialogue with the Distribution Network Operator to establish grid capacity and identified a number of decentralized energy generation options to help address any shortfalls as well as detailing grid reinforcement where necessary.

The output from the EV impact assessment has been shared with the client’s senior management and board and is helping to shape the future development strategy for this leading UK automotive manufacturer.