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Case Studies

Jaguar Land Rover - Transition to a low carbon economy

Jaguar Land Rover has initiated a programme of transition to a low-carbon economy within its own operations and those of its leading suppliers, with the intent to extend it to its entire supplier base.

Rolton Group was appointed to assist in the establishment of a road map for transformation to a low-carbon base. This involved a programme of work involving the review and analysis relating to energy consumption and carbon emission, combined with waste production and water consumption.

The primary objective was to develop a model for analysis of the Jaguar Land Rover supply chain with regards to the risk of the physical effects of climate change; energy shortages and price rises in the future scenario of a low-carbon economy.

The result was a number of individual supplier reports that identified strategic direction and actions that will be of commercial benefit in the transition to a low-carbon economy. Rolton Group also supplied an overall report for Jaguar Land Rover that summarised the research findings and provided a model for the analysis of its entire supply chain.