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Case Studies

Michelin, Dundee

Rolton Group has built a strong working relationship with Arcadis (formerly EC Harris LLP) for over nineteen years on a large range of projects in different sectors. Our proven track record made us the first choice when appointing consultants on behalf of Michelin for the construction of a new warehouse at their Dundee site.

Rolton Group provided a number of services within this project, including civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

The civil and structural teams carried out the full design of the foundations and structural frame, which consisted of a steel portal frame supported by piled foundations. Close co-ordination was required within the setting out of the frame to maximise the amount of internal racking available to the client. To facilitate the desired layout of the building there was also a need to divert a main Scottish Water sewer approximately 5m in depth, which Rolton Group assisted by providing advice on an enabling works project to minimise delays.

Given the high fire risk of the materials stored and Michelin’s required fire protection measures, there was an appraisal of a concrete frame structure versus a steel frame option to see which gave the most economical solution whilst meeting the client’s insurance requirements. It was concluded that a steel frame would be adopted with enhanced fire protection on the most vulnerable areas ensuring the most cost-effective solution was provided and one the local contractors could source effectively.

For the mechanical and electrical element, we utilised our previous experience in respect to best practice with BMW to carry out a study with detailed information from the lighting manufacturer to compare the full lifecycle cost of the designed lighting schemes using LED fittings or fluorescent fittings.

We also liaised with Michelin France to understand lessons learnt from their installations in Hungary, providing the client with a cost-effective solution.

LEDs were selected as the running costs were found to be significantly lower than those of the fluorescent, and additional savings were found as LED lights require less maintenance and last over four times longer than fluorescent alternatives, increasing convenience as the bulbs/lamps need to be changed less often.

Rolton Group also provided engineering architecture services within this project, which entailed designing aspects such as a roof plan, a door and window schedule and a basic finishes schedule.