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Case Studies

Newlands Shopping Centre Lighting

​Rolton Group Ltd were initially appointed directly by our client to undertake an independent review and checking / commenting exercise on the lighting and emergency lighting design prepared by others prior to our appointment.

Whilst the existing scheme was in keeping with the client and investors’ aspirations, it was returned from tender over budget and the scheme needed to be re-engineered to suit the project cost plan.

Working with the design and build contractor, his lighting designer and supply chain, Rolton Group were able to assist the project team in getting the scheme re-engineered to provide in essence the same overall effect but at a lower cost without deviating away from the initial 100% LED lighting proposal.

Whilst the three mall sections, Tanners Lane, Newlands Street and Gold Street were installed to the revised design, our appointment was extended to provide a new lighting design concept for the central atrium space.

Our lighting engineer provided a fresh approach to the atrium lighting, and using three different approaches to the space was able to create a very clean, bright and evenly illuminated space on both the working plane, wall(s) and the ceiling.

As the space was in excess of 10m high, the main space is illuminated using three differing sized pendant LED circular luminaires mounted at three different heights to create a seemingly random lighting layout from below, but which on plan is perfectly symmetrical. With the high level roof light and natural day lighting retained and left unobstructed.

Wall surfaces are ‘washed’ using concealed LED strips within a bespoke bulkhead detail, which is constructed to also ‘box in’ existing services cabling, pipework and service routes. LED strip lighting is provided at mid and high level.

Shop fronts benefit from new recessed down lighting located in the soffit (ceiling) detail above each retail unit.