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LSH Auto Properties (UK), New Car Showroom, Stockport

Rolton Group are appointed to provide civil and structural engineering design services in the construction of a new car showroom facility in Stockport for LSH Auto Properties (UK) Limited.

The new-build facility, which upon completion will be one of the biggest car showroom in the UK, is made up of two separate buildings: a car showroom and a body and paint repair centre. The showroom will have capacity to display over 140 vehicles and the repair centre will include 32 workshop bays. In addition to showcasing 30 brand new Mercedes-Benz models and 10 Mercedes-Benz AMG, over 100 approved used vehicles will also be on offer. Additional facilities including office space, a canteen and coffee area have also been incorporated.

This new three-storey facility will be built on a 10.5-acre brownfield site which was previously an industrial area and has been unused for many years. Our engineers were able to reuse crushed concrete from the existing hardstanding as a subbase for the new hardstanding. They were also able to reuse, through cement stabilisation, soft site won materials, saving costs and reducing the amount of waste by recycling the existing materials onsite.

The team also provided the client with significant savings through reviewing the original site investigations report and organising further targeted investigations. The aim of this was to increase the bearing pressure, leading to a significant reduction in foundation size and costs savings as it reduced the amount of excavation and concrete required.

Due to previous experience with LSH Auto Properties (UK) Limited and other car showroom and workshop projects, our engineers have met the tight programme throughout the project. They successfully incorporated the late changes to Mercedes-Benz’s corporate rebranding: Mar 2020, to ensure the new facility meets these new brand guidelines.

Additionally, due to the increased pressure on vehicle carbon emissions, increasing air quality concerns and spurred on by consumer demand, our energy team was commissioned to undertake an assessment of the impact of the uptake of electric vehicles on the power demand at the new facilities in Stockport, Erdington and Solihull.