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Greta Zvilauskaite - Project Engineer

What attracted you to a career in engineering, and to your specific discipline?

From an early age, I saw a lot of my family members pursue their careers in engineering and I always thought that their work was interesting and varied. At school, I found Maths and Science very challenging yet interesting subjects and I was good at them too so I knew that this career path would suit me very well. In my last years of school, I was introduced to a company that contributed to designs for sustainable buildings through implementing energy-efficient systems and learned how important that is in the long-term to protect our environment. From that point onwards I knew that I wanted to become a Building Services Engineer.

What made you choose Rolton Group?

Prior to my interview, I went onto the Rolton Group website and reviewed the graduate profiles and their experiences and I instantly got the impression that young people were valued in the company and are given great opportunities and training to progress further within their careers. During my interview, it became apparent that Rolton Group highly prioritises employee progression, so I knew this was the place I could develop personally and professionally.

What was your interview and selection process with Rolton Group like?

I was interviewed by Chairman, Peter Rolton and Director (now Managing Director), Craig Smith. I must admit, the interview was very nerve-racking at the beginning, but as it progressed it felt more like a casual conversation. I was introduced to the company and its history, the projects that Rolton Group has been involved in, and most importantly, they made an effort to get to know me as well. After my interview, I was given a tour of the building and was introduced to everyone who worked there. The most exciting part was that I didn't have to leave the building to find out that I got the job!

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I particularly enjoy the variety of projects that I am able to get involved with and to see our designs come to life. Each day is always different and I love the satisfaction that I get when I find a solution to a problem.

How would you describe the working culture in your office?

Collaborative and motivational! Everyone in the company is very approachable and friendly and would go above and beyond to help when and where they can.

What training and mentoring have you been offered/undertaken with Rolton Group and how have they supported you?

From the moment I joined, I was assigned to a Senior Engineer who closely monitors my work and advises me on how I can improve further. Now that I have been in the company for over a year, I am given more project responsibility and being trusted with projects is great for my personal and professional development.

What are your career aspirations?

I would like to become a Chartered Engineer and work my way up to a more senior position within the company.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start their career in the engineering/built environment industry?

My biggest piece of advice to anyone who is considering pursuing a career in engineering would be to find out exactly what you enjoy and get a degree in that field. Make every effort to maximise the experience and the opportunities that both university and college provide and get as involved as you can! You can meet great and relevant industry professionals along the way who might point you in the right direction and answer all of your questions!

Most importantly, don't be afraid to ask questions and be proactive.