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Case Studies

Honda - Biomass Power Plant, Swindon

Rolton Group is currently working with Honda of the UK Manufacturing and ESP Ltd in the development of a biomass energy centre, together with an energy distribution network serving Honda’s site at Swindon.

The global automotive manufacturer has been looking to reduce its carbon emissions and secure a competitive edge through generating energy on-site using renewable technologies, and alongside ESP Ltd. Rolton Group has identified an opportunity to introduce an embedded 4.5 MWe and 1.3MWth energy centre employing advanced conversion technology (ACT) plant, using waste wood as a feedstock.

The energy centre and distribution network will provide heat and power directly to the Honda Swindon site, reducing reliance on grid-supplied energy. It will consistently supply approximately 3.8MW of electricity directly into the operation, providing the site’s baseload energy requirement and generating the equivalent of 30% of its total annual electricity demand.

Rolton Group commission began with a feasibility study to determine the viability of a biomass energy centre, then progressing to development of the detailed design and securing appropriate consents. The project will then move to construction.

The project has benefited from our expertise in energy legislation, which has enabled us to give up-to-the-minute guidance at every stage of works and ensure that our client benefits from available governmental incentives.

In an interview with Professional Engineer Magazine, Peter Rolton said of the project:

"There isn't a biomass plant in the UK of the type we are building in Swindon up and running at the moment. Honda is ahead of the game - it's the first time anyone has built a gasification plant with the intention of embedding it on a manufacturing site."