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Case Studies

LSH Auto Properties (UK) Limited, EV Impact Assessment

Having been involved in the design of three new landmark car showrooms in the UK, Rolton Group were commissioned by LSH Auto Properties (UK) Limited, to undertake an assessment of the impact of the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs). Specifically, our Energy team considered the power demands of the new facilities in Solihull, Stockport and Erdington.

The project is the first for LSH Auto Properties (UK) Limited, and one of the first in the UK. It came about due to the global pressure on vehicle carbon emissions, increasing air quality concerns and growing consumer demand.

The scope was broken down into three phases:

      • Collating Information;
      • Determining Needs; and
      • Developing Energy Models and solutions.

Our team developed a collaborative information gathering process with the client, which included a three-day workshop. Our team were then able to fully understand the operations of the existing and proposed dealerships and translated this into an EV strategy for charging and roll out.

Although the uptake of EVs is rapid, it is still a fairly new issue within the built environment, and for car showrooms. As such, the development of an Electric Vehicles Charging Strategy is step forward to ensure LSH Auto Properties (UK) Limited are ahead of the game in understanding the requirements of EV charging and put in place to manage their roll out and integration into the business. It also enables early identification of any additional infrastructure requirements, allowing for their specification and implementation to be appropriately included within the future developments of the sites.