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Case Studies

Cambridge University - Department of Engineering

The project involved the refurbishment, alteration and extension of nine areas located in the Baker Building and the Inglis Building on the Department of Engineering’s, Scroop House Site in Cambridge.

The performance design of the mechanical, electrical, and sustainable low/zero carbon engineering was carried out by Rolton Group for the estates, management and building services department of the University of Cambridge. Rolton Group was then appointed by Marriott, the main contractors, to undertake the detailed design works.

The areas are used for teaching and research, and contain a mixture of office, teaching and laboratory spaces. The works were completed during university term time, when facilities were being used on the campus.

The project included the refurbishment of three lecture theatres. Existing primary mechanical and electrical services were retained/adapted to suit the remodelling of each area.

Room usage, occupancy density and external noise problems necessitated a mixed mode ventilation system to some areas and natural ventilation to others. Air-to-air heat pumps for cooling and heating of key office areas and meeting rooms was provided where it was uneconomic to retain or adapt existing heating systems.