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Case Studies

City, University of London, City Sight Clinic

As part of a major project within the School of Health Sciences (SHS) in the Tait Building at City, University of London, Rolton Group was appointed to provide mechanical and electrical engineering design services, having successfully completed projects in the past for City, University of London and within the Tait Building.

Focusing on Tait Level 0 City, University of London wanted to create a sight clinic to allow their students to develop their skills in a practical and professional environment. The new sight clinic contains four main areas: Reception, dispensary and waiting; Sight test rooms; Paediatric sight test clinics; Compass Centre (LCS). The client had requirements for each of these; for example, the reception area was required to be a ‘welcoming front of house space’, the paediatric sight test clinics were to be larger than standard sight test rooms to accommodate family members/pushchairs, etc., as well as all areas requiring mechanical ventilation to provide tempered air throughout.

Due to the change in use of the building, the majority of it was stripped out to enable a smoother running of the refurbishment. Our engineers had a number of responsibilities within this project; taking on board the requirements of the client, the team designed a number of aspects within the sight clinic. Lighting was particularly important to ensure that sight tests could be carried in the correct setting, so our engineers made sure that occupancy detection, daylight dimming, scene set or local switch control and room use dependant were used. They also ensured that the lighting was suitable, by using different types of lighting dependant on the location and its use (sight test rooms, reception area, WC’s, etc.).

Our engineers also held responsibility for new security measures to enable a new security strategy to be embedded. Our engineers planned for new CCTV cameras to be placed in circulation routes at strategic locations to provide adequate coverage within the areas of Tait Level 0 as well as access control systems which provide selected areas / rooms the ability to control and/or limit the passage of end users between various departments.

The project was completed towards the end of 2015 and was formally opened in January 2016 by the Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow MP.