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Case Studies

Crown Estate - Windsor Great Park Energy Strategy Review

At Windsor Great Park, which is owned by Crown Estates, Rolton Group assessed four technologies for creating energy through pyrolysis/gasification and CHP (combined heat and power) through the burning of excess waste wood from the forestry process.

The technologies that were assessed were:

  • Indirect gas turbine
  • Mawera ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)
  • Biomass engineering pyrolysis and gasification systems
  • Ethos energy pyrolysis and gasification system.

The main factors of each technology were assessed including:-

  • Availability of biomass on the estate
  • The technology available
  • The generation equipment robustness
  • Reliability
  • Capital cost
  • Running cost
  • Generating capacity
  • Financial return

This report provided a thorough investigation of these technologies and a direction for the next steps for the investigations, which revolved around available wood supply, efficiency and reliability. The Crown Estate is currently reviewing its wood strategy, and estate energy demand, before moving the project forward.