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Case Studies

RockTron - PFA processing plant

Rolton Group were appointed to provide three-dimensional structural services, process engineering co-ordination and working drawings for the installation of an innovative pulverised fuel ash (also known as PFA or fly ash) mineral processing plant. Fly ash is a by-product of coal burned in power stations.

The PFA process uses fresh fly ash and large stocks of fly ash in long-term landfill storage sites and lagoons and converts it into substitutes for fillers and extenders that are used in a variety of industrial applications from tyres to paint to concrete. They cost less, have a lower carbon footprint and offer comparable or superior performance to their competitors. RockTron products are used in the automotive, aviation, construction, medical and telecoms industries to cut manufacturing costs, improve product performance and to ‘green up’ users’ supply chains.

Fly ash is a serious environmental problem. It is estimated there are 100 million tonnes of stored waste fly ash in the UK alone. The plant is designed to run 24/7 throughout the year providing consistent, manufactured minerals and materials to a wide variety of industries from construction to aerospace.