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Case Studies

Tamworth Academies

Rolton Group has worked with EC Harris on this comprehensive regeneration of a new sixth form and 11-16 schools for Staffordshire Council and Landau Forte.

Our involvement has included the provision of specialist advice at the initial stages of the development relating to all engineering services, to highlight and subsequently mitigate risk.

The redevelopment consists of two separate schools designed and provided by the same contractor and design team. The provision of heating and cooling methods for the schools was carefully assessed and the use of a Termodeck ventilation system utilised, which provided comfortable year-round conditions whilst minimising the schools’ energy use.

The provision of specialist fixtures, furniture and equipment was integrated carefully into the process, to maximise the cost-effective implementation of these solutions at the most suitable time. The provision of the new academies has enabled the regeneration of the local education system. As these schools have been sponsored by architects Landau Forte, who have a very successful academy in Derby, we have been able to benchmark these new schools with the existing schools and to consider lessons learned, as a result